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Green Cleaning

We offer environmentally friendly cleaning procedures

Our Green cleaning program provides several health benefits, such as improved indoor air quality and decreased toxicity levels in our Toledo waterways. We use a variety of Green-Seal™ certified products for these applications. Combining environmentally friendly cleaning products with our advanced training and methods results in a clean and healthy workplace.

Eco-friendly cleaners were introduced by President Clinton in 1993 and have become the product of choice by many consumers today

Green cleaning chemicals are manufactured as non-toxic and biodegradable, even being mandated in certain facilities throughout the country. The ingredients avoid harsh chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, and other harmful compounds. These toxins are known to be a respiratory irritant and have the potential to cause other health implications. Green cleaning performance is comparable with traditional products and can be cost-effective when diluted properly and used in conjunction with microfiber technology.

OCS operates within special safety guidelines to ensure protective measures are taken

More abrasive cleaning chemicals are reserved for our floor restoration process, although organic acid blends are used where applicable. Proper storage and usage help avoid any potential hazards. Variable ventilation is provided through transportable air movers, decreasing exposure to these solvents. Protective gear is also available for our crew during certain industrial services.

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