Clean Floors Like a Pro

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Are you still using traditional cotton string and ring-out mop heads? Well there’s a better way to clean floors.

Clean Floors Like a Pro

The latest microfiber technology can help make cleaning your home or office easy and mopping the floor more efficient. Microfiber mops are light-weight and easy to maneuver around furniture and obstacles. There is no need for wringing out or water changes. The flap mop sweeps as it goes and gets into corners well. This makes cleaning the floor a snap! It’s recommended to use a fresh mop head for each room. This prevents cross-contamination from the bathroom to the kitchen and so on.


Optimum Cleaning Solutions Floor Care

  1. Place several of the mops in a microfiber mop bucket and fill it half way with water and the cleaning product of your choice.
  2. Put the lid on and turn the bucket upside down.
  3. After a few minutes of soaking, the mops are ready to use.
  4. Attach the quick release mop handle and you’re all set.
  5. Have a plastic bag handy to put the used mops in.


When you’re finished, just toss the mops in the wash and they’ll be ready for the next time you clean your floors.

Microfiber is a great way to achieve clean floors you can be proud of. We suggest you try them out. We use microfiber mops for many applications, even for applying floor finish!

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