Clean the Break Room

Cleaning Tips

office break room

The break room or kitchenette in your office is where your employees prepare and eat their meals during the business day, so it’s important to keep the space clean and sanitary. Not only is a clean break room a safety necessity, it will also improve the comfort and morale of your team. These tips will help you stay on top of the job.

  1. Keep the refrigerator clean and organized. This can be accomplished by imposing a weekly disposal day. Notify all colleagues that every Friday near closing time, all items in the fridge will be tossed out unless otherwise marked. After disposing of expired items, wipe down the interior of the appliance with hot soapy water, then wipe down again with clean hot water.
  2. Every day, at the completion of the last lunch break, wipe down the counters, chairs, tables and sinks with a clean cloth and disinfectant spray.
  3. Wipe down the interior and exterior of the microwave on a daily basis, too. Remnants left throughout the day from employee after employee heating and reheating their meals can leave a residue that can foster mold growth. Use hot soapy water for the initial wipe down, then wipe down again with clean hot water, then dry wipe with a clean cloth.
  4. Dishes should be washed, hand-dried and stored appropriately after each use.
  5. Any spills on should be cleaned up immediately and the surface dry-mopped with a clean cloth.

Keeping your break area well-stocked with cleaning supplies will help your team stay on top of maintaining this common space. If everyone feels like they’re benefiting from a clean kitchen, everyone will do their part to help keep it that way. Consider placing one or two people in charge of completing the daily maintenance tasks and rotate the responsibility on a convenient schedule.

It’s also a good idea to have your break room or kitchenette thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis as part of your overall office cleaning services. This includes wiping down the cabinets and surfaces, as well as sweeping and mopping the floors. These routine cleaning services will keep pests away and ensure your colleagues have a break room they feel comfortable dining in.

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