The Lobby

Cleaning Tips

Main entrance

The main entrance of a building is the first impression made about the cleanliness, and from a janitorial standpoint, it’s the most important


Vestibules of all sizes demand the same principals


Your service should begin at the sidewalk. Keeping walkways swept clean and free of any litter helps project a positive image. Trash sitting in front of a building just looks bad. To prevent overflow, outside waste receptacles should be emptied frequently and wiped clean periodically. This will actually help trash find its way into the container. If an area is kept clean, more people will pitch-in to keep it that way.

The most important aspect of a lobby is still  the windows. Cleaning interior glass is a daily task that goes without saying, but to provide the most professional service, we wash and squeegee the exterior glass on a regular basis. This will keep the windows looking their best. Interior windows wont get dirty as quickly so using a squeegee for them on a monthly basis should be sufficient.


Foyers are closest to the elements and attract the most dust, dirt, and debris


Dusting around ceilings, window ledges, and baseboards of the lobby is a must. Focus on cobwebs and insect matter that may have accumulated since the last cleaning service. This is not something we want to leave visible in the entrance to one of our buildings. Wipe down the furniture and also be sure to straighten up the magazines. This goes a long way in presenting a clean and organized atmosphere. Sanitize door handles, telephones, and other high-touch points to keep germs at away.

The final step is cleaning the floors. Thoroughly vacuum the mats, roll them up, and remove. Sweep the floor, making sure to get edges and corners. Mop with a fresh scented neutral cleaner and scrub/buff where applicable. Replace the mats only after the floor is completely dry.

Following these guidelines will ensure you present the best possible image for the building that you clean.