Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

Window cleaning tips


Never attempt window cleaning in direct sunlight or freezing temperatures


Supplies needed:

  • Window bucket filled with fresh water mixed with an ounce of dish detergent
  • Clean window scrubber to apply solution
  • Unworn squeegee to dry windows
  • Lint-free towels for cleaning squeegee and wiping edges
  • Razor scraper to remove any tape or other residue


Washing the windows

Start with one window pane at a time to avoid solution drying on the glass. Use a liberal amount of cleaning water for exterior windows. You want the dirt to come off the window with this process. Use the razor blade to remove residue only while the window is wet. Use less water on interior glass by wringing out the scrubber with your hand. This will avoid soaking the ledges, walls, and carpet. You will need to apply slightly more pressure when scrubbing interior windows to compensate for less water being used. If cleaning a lot of windows, be sure to change your cleaning solution once it starts to get dirty.


Drying the windows

After fully covering the window with cleaning solution, start your squeegee strokes. Horizontal strokes are recommended when possible. Its important to wipe the rubber blade with the lint free towel after each pass. Placing a wet squeegee on the glass will leave streaks. Overlap your strokes and slightly angle the squeegee so water flows towards the wet window surface and not the area that is already dry.


Wipe the edges

There will always be water marks or spots left around the edges of the window pane. After you squeegee the window, wipe clean all edges and corners. This is easier if you can get to the spots before their completely dry. Now you can move on to the next window.