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Winter presents a challenge for the

Winter Salt Floor Cleaning

Many of us enjoy winter because the snow is pretty. We can relax by a cozy fireplace or build a snowman. Although, homeowners and businesses must prepare for the frigid temperatures and slippery surfaces that winter brings with it. The most common way is by shoveling the snow and melting the ice from our sidewalks and driveways. 

Containing winter’s elements

The salt we use to melt the ice will make it’s way into our buildings. The most effective way to prevent this is by putting down additional matting. High performance matting is a big help, but it still can’t stop all of the salt and slush from coming in.

Floors are highly susceptible to the winter season. Without a routine maintenance schedule they can be damaged by it. The biggest concern is the salt. It’s scattered all over our streets and sidewalks to prevent a slip and fall. We all need it, but there’s no doubt, it leaves a mess.

Salt leaves a mess

It gets tracked in throughout the day, one layer on top of another. This can be a struggle for anyone to keep clean. 

Mopping the floor 3 times may not be enough to achieve desired results. The floor dries to reveal a white residue left by the salt.

Remove salt and residue 

One way that we’ve found to cut time and maximize our results is by adding an “alkaline conditioner” to the mop water.

Alkaline conditioners are designed to achieve a neutral pH-balance. This product is remarkable and has cut our cleaning time by 50% during the winter season. It can dissolve the salt residue in just one application!

Just fill your mop bucket with warm water and add the conditioner. Mop the floor as usual. With this tip, you can provide efficient floor cleaning all year round. This product is also a great way to prep floors for new sealer and wax.

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